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HP Deskjet 9600 Drivers Download

HP Deskjet 9600 Drivers Free Download: If you’ve wanted a Formula1 performance from your HP Deskjet 9600, just download the latest HP Deskj...

HP Deskjet 9600 Drivers Free Download: If you’ve wanted a Formula1 performance from your HP Deskjet 9600, just download the latest HP Deskjet 9600 drivers and tune up your HP printer for the Chequered Flag!

HP Deskjet 9600 Driver Download

External Mirror Download: HP Deskjet 9600 Drivers
HP Deskjet 9600 is famous for the thermal inkjet technology it uses to produce stunning outputs. Both text and image printouts are of top-notch quality while the quick turnaround time of the printer makes it one of the most desirable printers present in the market.
To make the printer work for your PC, you would need a driver for HP Deskjet 9600. The driver should come with the package but if you happen to misplace the CD or give it away to a friend needing it then you will have to look online to find the HP Deskjet 9600 driver. However, beware of the websites that offer HP Deskjet 9600 driver as most of them don’t provide the right driver while some websites even facilitate downloading malware in the name of HP Deskjet 9600 driver. Fortunately, you have landed at the right website as we offer ALL the drivers present for HP Deskjet 9600 and after identifying your OS, you should have no problems in downloading the driver and using it to run your printer!

HP Deskjet 9600 Driver for Windows 7

Windows 7 users have nothing to worry about as the HP Deskjet 9600 driver is present on this very website. All you need to do is to check the version of your Windows 7 and then download the driver corresponding to the version of Windows 7 you are using. In order to check, just right-click on the ‘My Computer’ icon and click Properties, it will open a Properties window. You can check the version i.e. whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit which will be listed under ‘System’.

HP Deskjet 9600 Driver for Windows Vista

Drivers compatible with Windows Vista are difficult to find but this is not the case with HP Deskjet 9600 driver. You can easily download the driver from here. However, be sure to download the driver for the right version of Windows Vista. Similar to Windows 7, in order to check your Vista’s version, just go to ‘My Computer’, open ‘Properties’ which will introduce you to a properties window. Check your version of Vista and then download the driver for that very version!

HP Deskjet 9600 Driver for Windows XP

XP users can relax as well as we have the HP Deskjet 9600 driver for Windows XP available too. You would need to select the correct one though as there are two XP drivers as well. One driver is for the XP 32-bit and one driver is for the XP x64 edition.

HP Deskjet 9600 Driver specifications

The HP Deskjet 9600 driver specifications include the Operating Systems compatible with the driver. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 2000 are the operating systems on which HP Deskjet 9600 driver may work.

HP Deskjet 9600 installation instructions

It is not that difficult to install the printer after downloading the appropriate driver. Just run the downloaded .exe file. The file would guide you through the installation process which is self-explanatory and there won’t be any confusion in it. Once installed, just restart your PC once so that the Operating System would easily recognize the printer after booting.


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